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Language Movements: History, Background and Approach


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Language Movements: History, Background and Approach

Sámi Language in Education by Asta Balto

This presentation outlines the situation of Sámi language today, characterized by an intensive struggle between a language and cultural shift on the one hand and revitalization and cultural survival on the other. Through Asta’s own and other family stories she shows the significance of educating ourselves to discover the enrichment in our Native languages and also looks at how revitalization can be a means of opening doors for our children and adults to their Indigenous societies. Indigenous parents have to know that when they choose their own language and cultural knowledge for their children – they also give them the opportunity to build a native identity base and commitment to the unity of their own people. Education in our own language and culture is also a common need for Indigenous survival, because such re-education can enable us to express our indigenous philosophies and concepts. If we do not pass on our language, we will not have the ability to define ourselves in accordance with our traditions and neither will we be able to transfer our traditions to future generations.

See Asta Balto's full PowerPoint presentation below.